Opus and WebM support have landed

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Opus and WebM support have landed

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Yesterday Rillian landed Oneman's patches adding ogg/opus
and WebM support on Icecast trunk.
Big thanks for all the work that has gone into this!

Please use trunk for your testing and development in this area from now.
If you run into problems please send mails/patches/bitch'n'moan-on-IRC/...
It's important to find any problems by testing it in every possible
aspect as early as possible and make the code even better!

In other news, I decided to drop the 'debian' directory from svn trunk.
(Apologies to Rillian for missing the automake references!)
The reasoning behind this is that Debian explicitly are throwing this
out and replacing it with their own maintained 'debian' directory. Also
the debian directory in trunk was largely untouched since before Icecast
I'm considering to do the same with the RPM spec, but have less
visibility on its usage by distributions.
If someone has other views on this, please let me know!

http://cgit.freedesktop.org/gstreamer/g ... rep&q=webm
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