H.325 Work has Ended

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H.325 Work has Ended

Post by paulej » Sun Nov 13, 2016 8:43 pm

This section has been quiet and for good reason. The work on H.325 has ended.

The concept around H.325 got off the ground in 2006. It had a lot of early momentum, but then much of the enthusiasts stopped working on it when the global recession hit in 2008 and 2009. It was hard to recover from that, as most of the large service providers around the world stopped looking toward creating new and innovative services and narrowly focused on just getting voice and video working over IMS. That was really unfortunate, but I guess we can say their efforts paid off, since voice and video calling is now available from some service providers using some phones.

However, the concepts behind H.325 did not die entirely. Some of the ideas found their way into new products brought to market, though proprietary and do not nearly help to foster the larger ecosystem of hardware and software makers we had envisaged for H.325.

While work on H.325 in the ITU has concluded, I would personally love to see it happen. Let's face it: SIP and H.323 are now ancient dinosaurs. WebRTC is important, but largely just helps to extend the proprietary nature of current products that we see coming to market. In a way, it's good we see so many communication alternatives, but in another way, it's just plain horrible: I have more chat, voice, and video apps on my mobile phone than I really care to have installed. We're all communicating on little islands and it's ridiculous. Creating a new standard might make you think of this, but personally I think it's really important to not have these isolated islands where people collaborate. Innovation should happen through applications and extensions on a standardized platform, not a plethora of different platforms.

So, while the standards work has dimmed, the I'm still fired up to make it happen. I just wish others would be willing to take on the challenge with me.


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