H323Plus release 1.27.2

Discussion related to implementation and use of the H.323 Plus H.323 stack at http://www.h323plus.org.
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H323Plus release 1.27.2

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I'm happy to announce the release of H323Plus version 1.27.2.

- support for Alpine Linux for smaller container images (together with PTLib
- crash fixed on invalid RTCP packets
- memory leaks fixed
- GetCrytoMasterKey() restored that got lost in 1.27.1
- better support for cross-compiling
- various updates for newer compilers
- some smaller bugfixes

Download from https://www.h323plus.org/source/
Jan Willamowius
Founder of the GNU Gatekeeper Project
https://www.willamowius.com (H.323 support)
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