Open H323 Problem

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Open H323 Problem

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I am using a open H323 dll for communicating using H323 protocol. But I have a small problem.

When I try to call an IP extension via PBX call can not reach the extension. We had a deeper look with the PBX log files and found out that the numbering plan is going as 1 when we make a call. But PBX expects it as 0. I have not set this value explicitly. So please let me know if u have any idea about how to change the numbering plan.

Thanks for the support in advance.

Shrihari Devji

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Re: Open H323 Problem

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I just found your question posted in an area not related to H.323 Plus (OpenH323). I moved the topic to the right location.

Do you still have a question that you need help with?


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