How to compile with H.263/H.264

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How to compile with H.263/H.264

Post by soulof87 »

I am in the process of testing GnuGk with centos 6.2. I am not really sure how compile 323plus with to have h.263 or h.264 support after configuring all i see is this:

=================== Plugin configuration ======================
prefix : /usr/local
exec_prefix : ${prefix}
libdir : ${exec_prefix}/lib
Audio Codec plugin install dir : ${libdir}/opal-1.24.0/codecs/audio
Video Codec plugin install prefix: ${libdir}/opal-1.24.0/codecs/video
LID plugin install prefix : ${libdir}/opal-1.24.0/lid
FAX plugin install prefix : ${libdir}/opal-1.24.0/fax

GSM : yes (internal)
gsm-amr : yes
iLBC : yes (internal)
Speex : yes (internal, version
LPC10 : yes
G.726 : yes
SBC : no

H.261 : yes
H.263 : no (ffmpeg version)
H.263/H.263+ : no
H.264 : no
MPEG4 Part 2 : no
CELT : no

SpanDSP FAX : no

CAPI : no
Quicknet xJACK support : no
Voicetronics VPB support : yes

OS Type : linux-gnu
Machine Type : x86_64

If all settings are OK, type make and make install

does this mean that gnugk wont allow registered endpoints to olc those video codecs?

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Re: How to compile with H.263/H.264

Post by willamowius »

For GnuGk you don't need to compile any codecs from H323Plus. GnuGk will still work with all codecs, even those H323Plus doesn't support.

See for instructions how to compile GnuGk.
Jan Willamowius
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Re: How to compile with H.263/H.264

Post by ansae »

Still what do you do to enable h264 on the openmcu?


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Re: How to compile with H.263/H.264

Post by liza »

For GnuGk you don't charge to abridge any codecs from H323Plus. GnuGk will still assignment with all codecs, alike those H323Plus doesn't support.

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Re: How to compile with H.263/H.264

Post by martin »

Hi everyone.
I had the same problem.
I solved it downloading the sources of OPAL, PTLIB and ffmpeg. I followed
this way and works.

Check this links: ... .2C_too.29
(you can see what dependences are necessaries)

This page is for latest version of ffmpeg, which is known not to work with ekiga, see below. Maybe this page should be updated...

For ffmpeg:

./configure --enable-shared
sudo make install

For ptlib:

sudo make install


sudo make install

and for ekiga

sudo make install

I have a philips web-cam on Ubuntu 10.04 with Ekiga and works fine.

I'm using this versions:

Ekiga 3.2.7
OPAL 3.6.8
PTLIB 2.6.7

And in Ekiga Edit->Preferences->Video->Codecs I can see h263 option.

Yes, but doesn't it crash? Try calling 500 with H263 as video codec...

I hope help you.
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