Faster compiling on Windows sans configure.exe

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Faster compiling on Windows sans configure.exe

Post by camkego »

Hi Everybody,

So, I have been successfully compiling and experimenting with H.323 and PTLib a bit.

I am doing this on the Windows platform.

Whenever I make change small, configure.exe is run for both PTLib and H323plus, and everything is recompiled, taking a significant amount of time.

I have disabled building of the DLLs for speed.
I have also disabled automatic building of the static libs PTLib, h323plus in 'Build>Configuration Manager'.

Still, small changes to PTLib or h323plus, followed by an explicit compile cause running of 'configure.exe', and compilation of every single source file.

This make tweaking small changes and trying stuff quite slow.

Does anyone have a better way to do small changes without running configure.exe, and re-compiling every file? [on Windows]

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Re: Faster compiling on Windows sans configure.exe

Post by Sharath »

It is quite easy. Just right-click on file and go to properties. Change the flag "Exclude from Build" to Yes. After that it won't generate openh323buildopts.h file everytime. You can make similar change in ptlib for file.
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