GNU Gatekeeper 5.7

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GNU Gatekeeper 5.7

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This version has some important bug fixes, improves interoperability
with other vendors and also has a few new features.

Bug fixes:
- several severe crashes and a few memory leaks have been fixed

Improved interoperability with:
- Lifesize endpoints
- Poly's Microsoft Teams gateway
- Polycom RealPresence Capture Server

New features:
- You get a warning in the GUI / on the status port if one of your endpoints has an incorrect time setting and this password authentication fails. This makes trouble shooting a lot easier.

- Invalid TPKT packets (eg. due to network errors) now don't necessarily take down an otherwise healthy call. Use the new AbortOnInvalidTPKT=0 switch to enable.

- You have a new %{Vendor} variable for SqlAuth RegQuerys and LuaAuth

Full change log:

- BUGFIX(ProxyChannel.cxx) fix crash on non-standard H.245 Indication from Polycom RealPresence Capture Server
- BUGFIX(ProxyChannel.cxx) fix possible crashes on non-standard generic information in OLCs
- print warning message on status port when passwords get rejected due to wrong time
- BUGFIX(httpacct.cxx) fix memory leak
- BUGFIX(ProxyChannel.cxx) fix possible crash
- BUGFIX(gk.cxx) avoid crash when terminating in the middle of program startup, set non-zero exit code so restarter notices error
- return unused memory back to OS periodically
- new switch: [RoutedMode] AbortOnInvalidTPKT=0 for more graceful handling of network errors
- BUGFIX(gk.cxx) fix for running on Alpine Linux (needs updated PTLib, too)
- don't start GnuGk if RTP multiplexing is configured, but we can't start the listener
- new switch: [RoutedMode] MatchH239SessionsByType=0 to fix presentations with LifeSize endpoints over Poly's Microsoft Teams gateway
- BUGFIX(ProxyChannel.cxx) make sure we don't set RTP address on multiplexed RTCP keepalive
- BUGFIX(RasSrv.cxx) look at all tokens for H.235.TSSM
- add %{Vendor} variable for SqlAuth RegQuery and LuaAuth
Jan Willamowius
Founder of the GNU Gatekeeper Project (H.323 support)
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