GNU Gatekeeper 3.0

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GNU Gatekeeper 3.0

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I'm pleased to announce GnuGk 3.0.

You can download the new version at

New features:
  • full traversal zone support (gatekeeper-to-gatekeeper H.460.18/.19)
    Now you can place one GnuGk behind a firewall and let it tunnel out
    the calls for all other devices behind the firewall eg. to a VCS or
    to another GnuGk.
    This was probably the most request feature in the past.
  • full IPv6 support (incl. IPv4-IPv6 proxying)
    With the proxy function, you can let GnuGk manage a network of IPv6
    endpoints and connect them to the IPv4 network or make legacy
    endpoints reachable for IPv6 calls.
  • RTP multiplexing (all calls to and from devices supporting H.460.19
    will only use 2 sockets total)
  • rewrite destination IPs into aliases
  • ENUM, SRV and RDS routing policies extended for LRQs, in case the
    calling gatekeeper isn't able to do this
  • notifications when GnuGk opens listen ports
    This allows you to update firewall rules on the fly, so you only have
    the minimum amount of ports open.
  • improved H.235 password authentication with neighbors
  • massive performance improvement when (re-)loading large numbers of GW
  • interop fixes for Polycom m100 and Sorenson endpoints
  • fixes in the underlying libraries so *BSD systems can get the latest
    GnuGk features
  • a few bug fixes
We provide executables for Linux (32 and 64 bit), Windows, MacOS X,
FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD and Solaris.
Jan Willamowius
Founder of the GNU Gatekeeper Project (H.323 support)
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