why not delete unrestorable the original file

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why not delete unrestorable the original file

Post by paracrypt »

see question above:
what sense makes it to crypt a file and next you have to erase the original file beceause it can be restored by forensic means)- same when you decrypt the file it will be on your computer again
what I mean ist: you need another programm wich is able to delete the original file completely or create encrypted containers or devices.
what I understand - this programm is just to send some files to someone or for storage in external drive

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Re: why not delete unrestorable the original file

Post by paulej »

I didn't write the software to delete the original file automatically since people usually encrypt to put the encrypted file elsewhere (flash drive, cloud, email, etc.).

The other problem with deleting a file is that it can only be guaranteed to delete in traditional magnetic drives. Newer solid state drives (SSDs), flash drives, etc. use a technology to prevent wearing that actually prevents secure deletion.

My opinion was that is secure deletion is required, it's best done with a special tool for that job.

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