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Discussion related to AES Crypt, the file encryption software for Windows, Linux, Mac, and Java.
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GUI view only

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I see that in the command line version that there is an option to only view the encrypted file and not save it to the device. Will this option be available in the GUI version. The alternative is to remember to delete the file when after it has been viewed/used if you have a reason to not have a decrypted file saved on another device.
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Re: GUI view only

Post by paulej »

There's no option like that in the command-line version, per se, but you can get that effect by using a command like this:

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aescrypt -d file.txt.aes -p password -o - | less
That then allows one to scroll through the text file without actually saving the decryption version anywhere. However, this relies on caching logic built into Linux (or Windows) and is not a function of AES Crypt.

There's no safe way to have temporary files. Using temporary files is complicated since AES Crypt doesn't know what will be consuming the temporary file or for how long. No doubt, mistakes would be made and unwanted files would be left sitting around. It's better to not expect AES Crypt to do that.
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