Encrypt 7zip file galaxy5

Discussion related to AES Crypt, the file encryption software for Windows, Linux, Mac, and Java.
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Encrypt 7zip file galaxy5

Post by peter »

Use 7zip, 256 password encryption for excell files on windows 7 pc and copy encryptony to galaxy5. How do i open them on 5. I have ES File Explorer. Thanks
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Re: Encrypt 7zip file galaxy5

Post by paulej »

That's not AES Crypt, so all I can suggest is to get a zip tool that will work. If ES File Explorer doesn't handle encryption, perhaps fine another tool that will. For example, WinZIP for Android might do it. I have not tried it.

That said, if you wish to encrypt files using AES Crypt, there are at least two Android clients that can decrypt .aes files.
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