Mac AES Crypt Problems

Discussion related to AES Crypt, the file encryption software for Windows, Linux, Mac, and Java.
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Mac AES Crypt Problems

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I have two concerns about the Mac version of the AES Crypt GUI application, one minor, the other major.

Minor: It would be really great to have to confirm the password, to prevent fumble fingering. The Windows version does this, not sure why Mac version doesn't.

Major: If an unencrypted and encrypted version of a file with the same title are sitting in the same directory, and you open the encrypted version and botch the password, it deletes the unencrypted version of the file. This led to disaster for one of our users who lost her original file when she tried to open the encrypted version of it, but had fumbled the PW when she originally encrypted it (see minor issue above). The app should not overwrite an unencrypted file of the same name when it decrypts, IMO.

Not sure if the person(s) who developed the Mac version reads this forum and has any thoughts about ways to correct this.


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Re: Mac AES Crypt Problems

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I didn't write the Mac GUI code, but I did write the code that runs behind the scenes. The file erasure issue is on the list (somewhere). The Mac version works like the Linux version, in that it mercilessly erases files. It trusts the user knows what he is doing. But, sometimes people make mistakes.

The Windows code actually checks before creating a file. I wrote that code, too, with an eye toward the less experienced user. As you might guess, I get complaints about that, too. I can't win this one, but I want to change the Linux and Mac versions to work like Windows versions since there are so many people now using the software, with more making mistakes.

The password confirm thing has been raised before, too. I can't remember if it's on the list or not, but I'll bookmark this thread so I won't forget.
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Re: Mac AES Crypt Problems

Post by RichT »

A confirmation of the password would be a great addition, I'd second that...
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