best practice for encryption of file tree

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best practice for encryption of file tree

Post by hc »

What is the best way to encrypt a backup of a hole file system.
I want to use AEScrypt to back up (by providing a different output destination) and encrypt my files.

on linux, is there a command that would encrypt all files recursive with the same password?

as an example I want to copy encrypt




I was thinking something along the lines

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$ aescrypt -e /home/* /bacuplocation/
But this would probably mess up the file names on the destination or??

any advice is appreciated
and thanks for a nice encryption tool!

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Re: best practice for encryption of file tree

Post by paulej »

You can easily encrypt multiple files with the same password, but AES Crypt will not traverse subdirectories.

I encrypt entire directories by using tar. For example:

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tar -czvf - dirname/ | aescrypt -e -p apples -o dirname.tgz.aes -
Of course, you have to decrypt the entire archive to get at a single file. And, it's not useful if editing files constantly.

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