AES Crypt 3.10 Code Published

Discussion related to AES Crypt, the file encryption software for Windows, Linux, Mac, and Java.
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AES Crypt 3.10 Code Published

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A bug was reported and verified relating to the Windows GUI version of AES Crypt. The issue observed is that if the last write operation when creating an AES Crypt file would fail due to lack of disk space (either artificial or due to limitations of the file system), the write failure would not be detected. This caused data to be lost at the end of the output file.

In theory, the same issue exists on Linux and Mac (GUI and command-line), though I could not reproduce the same issue. On Linux, at least, it seemed to catch the error. Nonetheless, I put code in place to watch for that on all platforms.

The Windows code has been updated to 3.10, as has the Linux source code (also 3.10). I still do not have binary versions for Linux or Mac, but those will get built as soon as possible. For consistency sake, I'll make all versions "3.10" once the other packages are updated, so you'll know if you're running older code or not.
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