iOS9.1 not displaying Aescrypt icon

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iOS9.1 not displaying Aescrypt icon

Post by pwpeterson »

I installed the latest Aescrypt Pro to my iPad running ios9.1. When I select an Aescrypt encrypted file in my gdrive (4.4) I get the 'Unable to open file' message then click 'Open In'. I expected to see the Aescrypt icon but it's not there. I reinstalled Aescrypt but still no icon.

I copied the encrypted file to my drop box account but when I selected it there I only get a 'No preview available'.

What might I be doing wrong?
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Re: iOS9.1 not displaying Aescrypt icon

Post by jasonf »

Sorry for the delayed response. I just tested this scenaro using Google Drive 4.5.39133 and iOS 9.1 on an iPad Air 2. Here are the steps I used:

1) Open Google Drive on the iOS device and select an AESCrypt encrypted file.
2) Google drive displays a "Unable to Open File" popup because it does not recognize the file.
3) Tap the OPEN IN button and Apple's common share popup is displayed.
4) In the Share Popup, find and select the "Open In" icon in the bottom row of icons. This will bring up another Apple "Open In" popup. "Copy to AESCrypt" can be found in this list of icons (you may need to press more at the end of the list).

Regarding dropbox, on the "No Preview available" page you should see an icon at the top of the screen that looks like a blue box with an arrow pointing up (see the attached image below). Tapping this will show the same Apple common share popup as described in step 3 above. In this popup, select "Open In" and you will see "Copy to AESCrypt" in the icon list just as described in step 4 above.
Open In Icon in Dropbox
Open In Icon in Dropbox
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