GNU Gatekeeper 2.3.3

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GNU Gatekeeper 2.3.3

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the new GNU Gatekeeper release 2.3.3 is now available:

New features (gatekeeper configuration):

- all executables now contain all database drivers: MySQL, PostgreSQL, ODBC, SQLite and Firebird!
- much improved bandwidth management for registered endpoints per endpoint and per call
- configure alternate gatekeepers per endpoint IP range with [RasSrv::AlternateGatekeeper]
- call routing by destination IP with [Routing::Explicit]
- gatekeeper-based TCS=0 call transfer: activated through H.450.2 emulator or status port (experimental)
- H.450.2 emulator extended for unregistered calls
- new switch: [CTI::MakeCall]TransferMethod=
- BMV, a web front-end for SQLBill (in contrib/bmv2/)
- configure where to send RAS replies with [ReplyToRasAddress]
- ignore a 2nd column in SQL routing if it equals "IGNORE"
- display H323Plus and PTLib version in GnuGk's version string
- documented [RoutedMode] EnableH460P= and H460PActThread=

New features (API):

- extended status port commands RouteToAlias, RouteToGateway, BindAndRouteToGateway with caller-ID parameter
- updated status port command: TransferCall by call-id and with transfer method
- new status port command RerouteCall (experimental)
- new status port command: DisconnectCallId
- added vendor string in RouteRequest event
- document status port command: DisconnectEndpoint

Config changes:

- change to the format of [Gatekeeper::Main] AlternateGKs=

Bug fixes:

- apply ENUM policy also to Setup and Facility messages
- fix multicast discovery
- fix crash on failover with DisableRetryChecks=1
- avoid bug in H323Plus so H.460.19 feature indicator can be removed
- disregard IPv6 addresses if the machine has any
- DisconnectIP now disconnects all calls on the IP as specified
- fix crash when setting a non-writable trace file in the config file
- signal change of destination alias in parent policy
- don't accept new calls or retry calls when shutdown is in progress, avoids possible crash
- check if routing policies have been configured, before using them
- only rewrite sourceCallSignalAddress if proxying
- fix NAT detection for unregistered callers
- fire unregister event also when endpoint expired
- fix order of home IPs
Jan Willamowius
Founder of the GNU Gatekeeper Project (H.323 support)
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