Google Sucks. Here's Why.

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Google Sucks. Here's Why.

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Having tens of thousands of visitors to Packetizer every month, we attract a number of people who just want to create problems for us. We have had issues where "hackers" would create lots of fake accounts that we'd have to delete. Those bogus registrations would send emails to people who actually did not sign up. Most recently, "hackers" have created bogus sign-up requests for the lists on Likewise, the list server would send out mail verification requests. I put "hackers" in quotes, because the attacks we've endured are not sophisticated -- nothing like the DDoS issues we've had to tackle. Any person with the ability to use "curl" could do this. Of course, we do take steps to prevent these email messages going out when we can detect a pattern we can block.

The problem is that these emails seeking confirmation are treated by Google as spam. That resulted in Google blocking our mail server with absolutely no recourse. Google sucks, because you can't talk to them. They offer absolutely no means to address the problem. None.

So if you sign up using a Gmail address or try to communicate with anyone at Packetizer using a Gmail address, you may not be able to get a response. It's best to not use Gmail.
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