IM Federators or aggregators

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IM Federators or aggregators

Post by vu3mmg »

Could some one point the implementation of federators/aggregatros such as nimbuzz .

When inter working with google it act as a federator .
But if you give your yahoo user name or password , whether nimbuzz server is acting as a client for you .

Or operators like nimbuzzz is having special agreement with yahoo, MSN and uses some polling or watcher mechanism to get mmy buddy's status for me?
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Re: IM Federators or aggregators

Post by paulej »

I am not personally familiar with their product, but it looks like one of the several "all-in-one" clients that connect to a multiplicty of networks simultaneously. I don't think there is any real magic in that, though there's certainly work required to interface with all of those various networks.
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