GNU Gatekeeper 5.9

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GNU Gatekeeper 5.9

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GNU Gatekeeper version 5.9 has been released.


New features:
- new switches [Proxy] CachePortDetection=1 and
CachePortDetectionDuration= to cache port detection packets
for faster media connects when IgnoreSignaledIPs= is active
- new switch: [EP::] ForceTerminalType=
- new place holder for port notifications: %t for port type
- experimental: better error recovery if multiplexed RTP sending fails

Bug fixes:
- fix bug in port detection with AllowSignaledIPsFrom=
- when DNS name resolves to IP without alias, remove alias from ACF completely (Cisco interop)
- remove RTP session 0 from internal tables once H.245 master has assigned a session ID
- fix compilation of Avaya support
- initialized cmsg struct to zero before using
- fix regression introduced with MatchH239SessionsByIDOnly= switch

If you want a say what goes into the next version, please head over to and give us some feedback!
Jan Willamowius
Founder of the GNU Gatekeeper Project (H.323 support)
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