AES encrypt text not files

Discussion related to AES Crypt, the file encryption software for Windows, Linux, Mac, and Java.
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AES encrypt text not files

Post by Overshoot4141 »

I've been using aescrypt quite a lot for file encryption.
Now I'm looking for a tool to encrypt string/text (randomized if possible) using AES-128 in GCM mode.
Does anyone know of any tool that can do this?
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Re: AES encrypt text not files

Post by paulej »

Some time ago, people asked me for C code one could use to encrypt text strings in a way that is compatible with AES Crypt. See "C Routines for String Encryption" on the download page here:

AES Crypt uses 256-bit encryption and HMAC-SHA-256 for message authentication rather than 128-bit encryption and GCM.
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