How to build AES Crypt for Android shared Library ( JNI )

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Re: How to build AES Crypt for Android shared Library ( JNI )

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To build AES Crypt for Android as a shared library (JNI), you can follow these steps:

Set up the Android NDK (Native Development Kit) on your development machine.
Create a new Android project or open an existing one.
Create a new JNI folder in your project's directory to store the native code.
Write the C/C++ code for AES Crypt using the NDK. Implement the encryption and decryption algorithms using the AES library.
Create a new JNI wrapper file that includes the necessary functions to interface between Java and the native code.
Modify your project's Gradle file to include the NDK build configurations and specify the path to your native code.
Build the shared library by running the Gradle build command in your project directory.
Once the build process completes successfully, you will have the AES Crypt shared library (JNI) ready for use in your Android project.whatsapp fm
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