AES Crypt alternatives for Android

Discussion related to AES Crypt, the file encryption software for Windows, Linux, Mac, and Java.
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AES Crypt alternatives for Android

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gbwhatsappAre there any other alternatives for AES Crypt for android. It came across Boxcryptor, Axcrypt, Kruptos. But don't know which one is better. Any help?
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Re: How to build AES Crypt for Android shared Library ( JNI )

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There are two Android variants of AES Crypt linked from the downloads section on Both are compatible with AES Crypt, so they're good choices. I'm not sure how good others are.
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Re: AES Crypt alternatives for Android

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For those who bump to this thread, Mixplorer file manager is another option for android, it has aescrypt built in.
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