Spam and idiotic spam prevention

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Spam and idiotic spam prevention

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Earlier today, I tried sending a message to the H.323 Announce list to let everybody know about the potential new work in the H.323 Forum on "Open Community Specifications" (or whatever this might be called). I sent out the message and, little did I know, but our server was blacklisted on UCE PROTECT's mail server (full details).

Sadly, about 20 subscribers got kicked off the H.323 Announce list, because of this blacklisting problem.

If your employer or service provider is using UCE PROTECT, may I suggest you encourage them to stop. I've made every effort to try to reason with those folks, but it appears they're not willing to change their policies.

I can only apologize to those who got kicked off the list, but there was absolutely nothing I could do about it.
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