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About Packetizer Forums

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Welcome to Packetizer Forums!

I have been working in the VoIP, videoconferencing, and data conferencing space for a very long time now, working on implementations, solutions, and standardization of protocols. As a part of my job and through the standardization activities I have led, I have engaged with engineers, marketing folks, and management teams in companies all over the globe.

Back in 2000, Paul Long and I created Packetizer as a community-oriented web site to help provide needed information to those who are implementing or deploying VoIP and videoconferencing equipment. Packetizer started as a small site, but it has grown substantially over the years in terms of the amount and type of information that is published. That said, the purpose of Packetizer is unchanged.

Notwithstanding our efforts, what we noticed is that people still have lots of questions that they need to have answered and questions get asked to a variety of mailing lists and, sometimes, that list is not necessarily the best one. There was no "one place" to go to get answers, or to get answers from a reputable source in some cases. People want to get answers from the experts, which include those who are writing protocol specifications, implementing protocols, building products, and deploying products.

So recognizing this need, I decided to ask the Packetizer community at large (and folks on mailing lists not managed by Packetizer) what they would like. In a poll, the majority were in favor of creating a message board. And so, we introduce Packetizer Forums.

To address people's wants and needs, we did the following:
  • We tried to divide the site logically, but we will certainly welcome any input on structure or content areas
  • We incorporated ATOM and RSS support so you need not visit the site everyday to see if there is a topic of interest: you can pull that information directly via your favorite ATOM/RSS new reader
  • We enabled the ability to subscribe to forums through email notifications
  • We tried to cover everything under the sun and, yes, there is definitely somebody in the Packetizer community who has some experience with all of these topics
We hope you will find Packetizer Forums useful. As time progresses, we will be able to gauge how successful it is by the volume of traffic, number of postings, and so forth. Do not be shy to be the first person to post into a given forum. We have to start somewhere!
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